A New Born Baby Adventure Called: Santiago

Having a new born baby is the most wonderful and challenging routine of all. Because of that, when I was invited to be part of this blog, I felt happy of being able to tell them how my everyday life as a mom and hardworking woman is the most wonderful adventure, without no rest, not even 5 min.

I know, all mothers say the same, but it’s true. Having a new born baby is the best.

I must begin by telling you that my story as a mother began in my womb 5 months before I could even notice it and when I was 100% certain, he was already formed into a little person that had nose, mouth, and arms.

* Those beautiful little arms that now melt me with love. But at that moment it was a surprise that the shocked our world without anticipation *

And when I tell you that Santiago was fully grown when I realized it, it's because it was true. In fact, this is the first picture my husband and I saw our son. Dead of fear, of questions, and expectations, we decided to walk together on this journey that, without a doubt, has been the most chaotically perfect of all. The best destination of all.

A New Born Baby Adventure Called Santiago

Can you imagine everything I did in those five months before we realized that I was pregnant? Obviously, at that moment our chip was changed and we went from being surprised to being parents in capital letters.

Then, this high mountain road of a new born baby started: to learn, to love, to overcome obstacles together, to rediscover the power of wonder, to be united as a family, to hold our hands, and to discover the true meaning of the word FAMILY.

* The same path our mother repeated for so long but that really became real sense when, finally, you have a child. *

The fact that you can discover that loving someone more than yourself is the best gift out there, is the best feeling; However, you have to love yourself to be able to exercise love, in that powerful way.

And, obviously, facing the true meaning of the word PRACTICITY.

* Because less working or doing fewer house chores, is one more minute of hugs. Every minute turns into a whole world when it comes to having a good time with your child *

That's why during all this time I've been looking for the things that make my life easier, that save me time, and that allow me to be more, right there, at the very edge of his heart.

In a way, I have become a fan of those world known one-minute recipes, cleaning tips, and whatever is safe for me and Santiago.

This is, without a doubt, a very important piece of my story, my life and this wonderful adventure that came to me by surprise. The most enriching experience of all: Being a mom of a blessing called Santiago.


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