Planting a tree is something that connects us with the world and nature. It is another way of giving life. In addition, it is an ideal activity to do as a family.

Planting the tree helps to teach children to be patient, respectful of their environment and constant.

How to plant a tree?

🌴 Choose the tree you want to plant: it is important that it will be able to adapt to the weather and the soil's conditions.

🌴 Choose the right spot: you should not plant it too close to a house, water sources or pipeline, because the roots are tied to the ground and cause damage.

🌴 Do not plant fruits and trees together: the tree shades and can prevent the fruit from receiving the sun it needs to grow and mature.

🌴 Plant it in freedom: Normally the trees leave the plant nursery in bags or containers, it is important that you take them out of there and plant them directly in the ground so the root can breathe.

🌴 Fertilize: The nutrients are very important for the tree to grow, they must be distributed close to where you planted, not mixed within the soil.

A little bit of history

There are 60,065 types of trees, they can be classified according to the shape of their leaves and the fruit they produce. Brazil is the country with the largest variety of native trees, they have about 4,000 species of their own.

A tree takes decades to grow, but its imprint lasts for generations. 💚



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