Like our grandmas used to say; “When the belly is full, the heart is happy”. That phrase was their way of saying that we need to eat well to be strong and healthy.

Nowadays, we need to learn more about any eating disorder that our kids might suffer. Parents always talk about eating well and the importance of creating good eating habits on their kids. Have you wondered if your kid is eating well?

The difficulty of eating food with different textures, certain colors, unusual flavors, and the lack of motivation to chew or having to spend long periods of time at the table, are just a few of the factors that might cause an eating disorder, according to experts on the matter.

Likewise, the environment around our children affects directly on their nutrition; school, birthdays, visiting their grandmas, having pizza with the family on Sundays, or going to the movies. The key is to get them into healthy eating habits, such as drinking plenty of water, eating at decent hours, and avoiding large amounts of sugar.

What can we do to prevent or treat eating disorders?

Pediatricians, nutritionists, and experts on the subject agree that the earlier an eating disorder is detected, the better.

Regardless, having a pediatrician step in on time and helping to avoid the problem or preventing from getting worse is definitely necessary.

Take note on the subject! We want our kids healthy and happy!


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