One of the main concerns that parents have regarding their kids is their eating habits. Packing lunch boxes with healthy food that kids are fond of can be a little difficult for us parents. However, there are many tasty and healthy options for our children.

A nutritionist’s opinion is very important. They can come up with a diet according to age, gender, and activities your kids have during their day. Don’t worry if you can’t meet with a specialist, here are some tips that you can find extremely helpful.

  • Fruits are a must in a kid's lunch box. Try giving them a variety of fruits during the week. Mangoes, watermelons, apples, bananas, pineapples, are fruits rich in vitamins and quite delicious.

  • To keep your children hydrated, water o juice. We recommend giving them homemade juices, as they contain way less sugar than the ones sold at the supermarket.

  • Dairy products strengthen their bone structure. Flavored yogurt and different types of cheese are excellent options for your children.

  • Avoid cereals that contain too much sugar.

  • Protein must be a part of their daily diet. Chicken, fish, turkey, or pork are some proteins that you can give your kids for lunch.

  • Sandwiches are always a good and practical choice. Jam, cheese, lettuce, and bread. You can’t go wrong with that delicious recipe.

Keeping our kids well-fed is one of the most important things for us to do as parents. We need to make sure they get all the nutrients needed to help them grow healthy. Kids love candy, that’s for sure. They can enjoy dessert once in a while, as long as we keep an eye on how much sugar our kids get. OFFCORSS always looks after your kids' welfare health.


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