Going back to school!

After a wonderful vacation where we got the chance to enjoy as a family and our kids really drained their energy in the pool, parks, and games, it’s time to go back home and get everything ready for a new school year.

At a Young age, such as Sophie’s (2 years old), kids tend to be more attached to parents during vacations. They want to hang with us almost 24/7, and that makes the process of going back to school a lot harder than it’s supposed to be. They’ll probably get sad and start to cry the first day you dropped them off at school or kindergarten. Don’t be too hard on yourself, that’s perfectly normal and their mood will change in no time the moment they see all friends and classmates together.

We need to be one step ahead and know which topics our kids will learn in class. It’s not only about just dropping them off at school. We have to be right there for our kids while they learn everything that will make them a successful grown-up. Expense s are on their way. Our kids continuously grow, even on vacations. Their old uniforms won’t probably fit them anymore. Visit OFFCORSS and get them a new lunch box, a cool backpack, and all the school supplies they need to start the new school year. That will surely get your kids pumped up before going back to school.

One thing we definitely need to set straight is their bedtime. We recommend you start doing that at least 4 days before going back to school, given that our kids probably went to bed later than usual during their vacations. We don’t want our children to be late on their first day of school.

Meeting our kids’ teachers is also very important since they will be in charge of our sons and daughters. We can talk about their temper, strengths, and weaknesses to make the process of going back to school easier for everybody.

Let your kids know about their kindergarten or school. Make small talk with them so they can remember how happy they are at school. You can help them remember their buddies and all the fun they have. 

Going back to school can be overwhelming. Pamper your kids, talk to them, ask them how their day went, and I can assure you they would love to tell you all about that fun first day at school, making you an important part of the process, and letting them know how eager you are to experience that adaptation journey together.

Have fun this school year that's about to start!


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