A baby is born and suddenly, a woman becomes a first-time mom. It won’t be the only first-time experience, as there will be countless experiences for a child and its mom. Some of them will be fun, others, not so much. The title “first-time mom” will fit perfectly into a woman’s life as she starts giving all the love possible to her newborn.

We made a list of some milestones worth remembering and that we should be deeply grateful about since they provide us with experience and wisdom.

First diaper “accident”

Rather sooner than later, you will discover that one diaper isn't enough anymore since you will find out why babies' onesies are designed to be taken off by the baby’s feet. Among many activities such as spending money on extra baby wipes, thinking about what to do with their dirty clothes and taking out a new diaper before it’s too late, a little voice on your head will let you know that this “first time” won’t be the only one. Moreover, the next time it happens you’ll do nothing but laugh because there’s nothing you can do to prevent that “accident”.

The first steps

The time comes when that crawling baby starts holding on to sofas, chairs, and coffee tables to stand up on its own. The child will start walking while holding a grown-up’s hand. But there is a moment, in a blink of an eye, when our heart beats raise and tears of joy come out; that day when, whether holding on to a chair or dad’s hand, a baby walks right to its mom’s arms. From that moment on, during the next 6 months, give or take, a mother goes through a series of mini heart attacks every time the baby seems to fall.

The first day in kindergarten

Leaving our kids for the first time at kindergarten can be really stressful for a mom. We deal with the battle of finding a safe place for our kids while we resume our career, allowing them to grow and make friends, and also the need to hug them every chance we can get. We, too, have to deal with their tears while they adapt to the new environment and the guilt of leaving them behind. And of course, we face the fact that our work life is not compatible at all with our jobs as moms. At the end of the day, your kid will kiss you bye-bye and you’ll be left there thinking that your child doesn’t love you. Congratulations! You just had your kid's first goodbye.

Losing their first tooth

You’re in the big leagues now that your kid lost its first tooth. And that only means one thing; puberty is here knocking on the door. Feeling that tooth loose, almost to the point when the kid just wants to pull it out and get money from the tooth fairy for the first time, are significant proofs that your child has grown. As moms, watching that big smile with a gap between their teeth takes us back to our first memories.

Our list doesn’t stop there. Being able to share it with you is awesome. What is the first thing that happened to you as a mother that you’ll never forget? 


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