Tips On What To Pack For A Family Vacation

If holidays arrive and you want to go on a trip with your children, allow me to give you some tips on what to pack for a family vacation so you don’t leave anything behind. Being a parent is difficult. We always have a lot of things on our heads. We try to keep up with our routine and are always making sure we don’t forget anything. Here are some tips you might find helpful when it’s time to pack everything.


Just like our grandmas always tell us. First things first!

  • First aid kit

    It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Our kids tend to get sick very often. For example, when they experience drastic weather changes, they might catch a cold. We need to stay alert if they get accidentally get hit, sunburned, or even a diaper rash. That been said, make sure to pack cough syrup, diaper rash cream, sunscreen, bug repellent, and nail clippers.

  • Personal Hygiene
    Because we know how delicate their skin is and it is always recommended to use specific products, we need to pack moisturizing cream, shampoo, baby oil, liquid soap. These are always a must! 

  • Hygiene Kit
    This is a personal recommendation. You might want to pack a sponge and dish soap. For some of those parents whose kids still use baby bottles or love to carry around their own thermos, when we take long trips or stay in a hotel, I recommend you keep those 2 things at reach. You will
    use them from time to time. Be practical.
  • Food
    When it’s time to prepare our kid’s bottle, with formula or oats, I recommend you to use little jars or bags. Don’t forget to take some little containers in case the whole family goes out and you want to give them something healthy like fruits or cream. And of course, a water bottle to keep them hydrated. ALWAYS!
  • Clothes and Accessories
    No matter the weather, you must always pack hats to get them UV protected. If you are planning on going to the beach or spending a full day at the pool, OFFCORSS has the best rashguards for boys and girls. Trust me, they are the best to prevent your children from getting a nasty sunburn. Plan ahead. 2 outfits a day should be enough. We know they are always exploring and most likely will need to be changed.
  • Toys
    Always pack one or two toys. Make sure they are your child’s favorites so the kids won’t miss playing with them. If the family is going on a beach trip, be sure to pack some floaties and plastic toys for your children to play in the sand.

Now we are ready. Have a safe trip and enjoy a time with your family that will be unforgettable.


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