The arrival of a newborn to the family is something really emotional. There are tears, smiles, mixed feelings, but most of all, lots of love. The little humans that come to our lives are here only to make us happy. For first-time moms, a baby can fill their heads with doubts, fear, and even give them panic attacks. In my case, my little one filled me with love, fear, anguish, and joy. To sum up, he gave me a little bit of everything.

When a baby gets to its new home, everybody looks forward to visiting a newborn, even more, if they’re close to the family. All they want to do is carry, kiss, hug, and be around the newborn, trying to get all the attention possible. It turns out the immune system is as little as the baby. Its skin, eyes, mouth are very soft and delicate. We might say they are little porcelain figures that need to be taken care of like the most important relic in the whole world.

For some reason, there’s something called a “Quarantine”. This term wasn’t made up by me, my mother, my grandma, not even my doctor. It’s not like you’re going to be 40 days without seeing the sunlight, becoming claustrophobic in your own house, or “keeping” your baby away from the outside world. You will have plenty of time to take your baby to the mall, church, your favorite restaurant, and even to the beach. Be patient, you’ll be able to go anywhere you want with your little baby one.

“Quarantine” is a period of time that may vary between 6and 8 weeks, depending on your recovery process, whether the birth was natural or by C-section. The body goes through a lot of changes after giving birth, and so does your mind. Very strong emotions are on their way and you need to learn how to control them. It is during this time when you and your baby truly bond, slowly building up both immune systems.

Very few people really value this important time. Nevertheless, make sure everybody is clear about the tips or “rules” for visiting a newborn.

Here are some tips and pieces of advice you can give to your family and friends:

  • Don’t come to the hospital to meet the baby, unless the mother asks you to. It’s better to wait for them to be at home and be relaxed.

  • Let them know you are planning to stop by. Never go unannounced.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before visiting a newborn.

  • Visiting a newborn is out of the question is you are sick. Keep in mind the baby could easily get infected.

  • Don’t give your opinion regarding the decisions the parents unless they ask you to.

  • Don’t insist on carrying the baby. If the newborn is asleep, respect that.

  • Keep your visit short, and during reasonable hours.

  • Try not to make any comments about how the mother looks, and if she wishes to leave the room, even to breastfeed, respect her decision.

  • Visiting a newborn will more valuable if you offer to help in any way.

  • If the baby has siblings, acknowledge their presence and spend time with them.

I sincerely hope you keep these tips in mind when visiting a newborn. GOOD LUCK!!!


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