October 12, 2018

Hello! Today we would like to give you some TIPS to combine your children clothes along with different accessories and shoes.

Clearly, we do not want our children to be loaded or exaggerated in their outfits, OFFCORSS is the place where we find great variety in designs and garments to create different looks, from the casual clothing, beachwear, pajamas to the cutest pieces of clothing for special occasions such as weddings or baptisms. In this opportunity, we decided to choose a casual outfit for Sophie, and we would like to tell you how you can choose it:

When you find a very colorful and eye-catching outfit, you should contrast it with another warm and simple garment, preferably a colored one, either with a trendy color or a basic one such as white, black or gray.

We chose a little-flowered hoddie with striking tones (red, orange, red wine, green) on a gray base, so it was easy to choose the color of the other garment as unicolor trousers (gray).

It will always be wise to choose jeans, which is the best basic item to combine a striking outfit!

And now, the accessories: belts, caps, hats, briefcases, and handbags. What color? Preferably, a basic one, which is part of the outfit's design or one of the basic ones mentioned above (white, black, gray) we decided the white one and the best match for their shoes, white tennis shoes.

You can also match two colorful garments, shirt, and pants, but in the accessories part, you must necessarily choose a tone that is visible on the garment and the tone will have to be the same for all the accessories you choose to go with the look.


Here you can see the images where we show you how the look ended up being, which is a striking one, but without going overloaded.

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