Becoming a New Mom

Who would have thought it? Were you expecting to receive the New Year with a newborn in your arms? Or are still waiting to pop?

The arrival of the New Year comes with a mix of emotions, worries, and feelings. Why? Turns out we leave behind many things, good moments and others not so good to welcome better moments. A year back, when you were waiting for 2018 to come, did you imagine that during that year you will hear the heartbeat of your little baby? That you would feel its fragile legs kicking inside you? That you would be looking for names, pajamas, diapers, and blankets? Did you imagine that? I didn’t. I thought many things will happen to me but it never crossed my mind the idea that I’ll be meeting the little love of my life.

Becoming a New Mom

Every year, when January starts I tell myself “I got to buy new things for college”. Now I think different “I have to organize myself to go to classes, come back to feed my baby, and then go back to classes”. The key is simple: just “ORGANIZE YOURSELF”.

It won’t be easy, nobody said life would be. Now imagine, how challenging is for us, that still are teenagers and have to continue our studies. One of the goals I set for myself this 2019 was to try my hardest. Am I capable of doing everything? First of all, I have to make clear what “everything” is. To me, “everything” is to take care of my baby, feed it, make it happy, go to college, don´t miss a class, study a lot, get the best grades this semester, have time for me, to eat well and exercise. I think I´ll be able to do it and, how do I plan to do it? I told you already! Organizing everything.

A planner is a great option when you have many things to do and a bad memory or if you really bad at making plans. Divide things by colors; pick the most important things and the one you have to do twice a week. Think about how much time you take doing your activities in order to manage your time. Always have in mind that you cannot “waste time” scrolling in social media, watching T.V or videos. Make sure to take little time for those things. Never use your baby as an excuse to be irresponsible. it’s not cool to say “I couldn’t do my homework because I have a newborn”


This January, you haven’t started college yet. It’s the perfect time to organize the rest of the years. Tell your kid you will have to leave every day but that you will always come back, even though it is little, tell it. Tell your baby you will leave it with someone that will take care of it and that you’ll be counting the minutes to see it again. It is important to tell your baby everything, you might think it won’t understand but is good for both of you. For the working moms is the same, just organize. The advantages of working moms are that your schedule is fixed and you can create a daily routine for your baby. This way is easier for the baby to adapt because every day is pretty much the same.

I started the year in a way I didn’t expect; filled with the greatest love I ever felt, giving the greatest love ever. Every day, there is a reason to smile and thank God for the little human that He gave me, for giving me the strength and wisdom to accept my role as a mom. I encourage you to do the same. I know it’s hard, especially for single moms like me, but I know it’s totally worth it. Everything sums up to the little human inside you.

Paolo, Molly and I wish you a year full of love, patience, wisdom, joy, tears of happiness strength, and among all, many blessings.

Enjoy your New Year with your newborn, mommy!

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