There's nothing like bedtime stories for kids... Did you know that through the stories told by Mom and Dad, the imagination is awakened and the dreams are shaped? It's true, and even the sound of their voices makes children smile and dream.

Reading, rather than putting letters and words together, is a learning opportunity and the best way to know the world. It also brings multiple benefits to your children's imagination and creative process.

In the case of babies, reading bedtime stories for kids allows them to develop their language skills in a better way, they manage to learn more words and build complex sentences in an instant.

• How to choose bedtime stories for kids?

Bedtime stories for kids can be selected by group age. For the little ones, we can use books with more illustrations than texts, it'll be ideal if they have touchable shapes and pop-up textures, during the first 2 years reading process is exploration.

Between 3 and 5-year-old children, reading stimulates curiosity, It's the stage when they ask their first questions about life. That's why books with phrases and lists of words can be useful at this stage.

When they turn 6, their imagination is at its peak, the first bedtime stories for kids and made-up fantasy stories will accompany our children until they are 8 years old. So, you better be funny!

From the age of 9 until the awkward but lovely adolescence, reading becomes a company, boys and girls start looking for those characters that they can identify, they want to be part of the story and why not change the course of it.

You will always find a perfect book for every age! We'd like to recommend the perfect BEDTIME STORIES FOR KIDS AND THE BEST WAY TO KNOW THE WORLD: https://americanliterature.com/short-stories-for-children


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