January 25, 2018

When I first found out that I was having my first child, between fears, tears and a hard-to-go path that started me being too young. I noticed and understood that everything I knew as “life” was about to change, all those constant movie scapes, visiting friends, sleep until 10:00 am, the way I spent my money and all the travelling I used to do every 6 months were no longer possible or at least the way I prioritized them was not going to go.

My first born made me understand, but just the half of the challenge, because as a new mom I wanted to do things that people of my age do, but my new responsibility wouldn't let me and clearly, later on, I was somewhat frustrated. Then, the second is born and with him, the responsibility was doubled, I was already more mature though, I was trying to give the best I had, but still without getting what priority was about.


I got split and the time that you hold on to your kids came, but also, you hold on to the world outside and there’s when I a year passes by to face myself with a new situation: I met my third baby’s father, between being “mature and immature” I got pregnant again and with 5 months of pregnancy, he left me with 2 kids and carrying a new baby.

In that moment, I understood I wasn’t clear what priority was and although many of us are good mothers from the beginning, there’s always something that’s missing and not because we must be perfect, but many times because for us to understand we have to take the punches of life.


No more hanging out with people who weren’t worthy of my attention, no more wasted time at home, that time when you get up and decide you have to work on the things that motivate you the most, the time you finally get home not to “be” with your kids, but to share and enjoy them at their best. You value the time when weekends are not with your friends but with your family and children who turned into your best friends. No more meaningless parties, no more of what you knew as priority and simply wasn’t.

When you have kids the main point is not turning you into a slave, the main focus is to define and differentiate priorities, then, to understand, changing and improving the fact that our kids are our main priority and finally, that all people who come to my life also come as a mother of three. They are my reason to be, my everything.

When priorities change and we understand why they change, all this woman-mother path turns into something happier, easier and more peaceful than EVERYTHING.

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