The plants and trees bring life to our environment, and more if we share their presence with the little ones of the house. Talking with them about the care of nature is very important. We must look for alternatives to be in a permanent contact with nature, and develop more natural and healthy eating habits, this is why a home made garden is important. In addition, a sustainable practice like this can be a very fun activity to do as a family.

Home made gardens are increasingly fashionable, due to its easy organization, planting and as an alternative for your home. Here are the first tips for you to get your hands on the ground with the children and have a great harvesting experience:

🌠Choose the space, the seeds, and vegetables to plant: this is important because of the space in the house that you will need for your garden, the ventilation, and lighting conditions. It's recommended that the plants and vegetables are planted in a small size.

🌠Choose vegetables that you like: this way you guarantee a sustainable and balanced diet.

🌠Get the right implements: for this fun task you will need some tools and elements that you can easily get: a wooden box (those where the fruit is stored can be used), enough plastic to line the surface, shovel and rake, a small watering can or a bucket for water, soil (in the nurseries can advise you which one you can get) and most importantly the seeds to plant.

Let’s get to work!

You already have the right elements, the first thing you should do is clean the box that will serve as a base and place it in the spot chosen for your homemade garden, then, it is important to cover it well with plastic or other resistant material, it is necessary to make some holes in the lower part so that the plants can "breathe" and drain the water excess.

🌠Once the box is clean, cover it with a layer thick-like earth. This will be the support of your garden. Then, with the rake and the shovel, begin to open the spaces where the seeds will be sown.

🌠It is important that before planting, investigate as a family the time of growth and maturation of the seeds because when creating a home garden the spaces can be reduced and it will be necessary that they grow in lockstep.

It's time to sow! Just enough to put your favorite seeds in the holes, cover them with more soil and water them. Now, the task is to take care of the homemade garden as a family, checking that it is receiving the amount of sun and water suitable for its size and planting.

Let’s harvest together!

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