September 15, 2018

September is the month of some very special beings: babies, the smallest and fragile members of the family that come to revolutionize the life of parents and fill it with joy at home.

Why do we celebrate babies on these dates? According to statistics, September is the time when most births are registered in the world. Our new collection is inspired by them and how they explore the environment that surrounds them away from mommy's arms.

In this adventure they are accompanied by some wonderful features: Animals and cool shapes. Our clothes have appliques filled with beautiful prints. They have rattles and high-quality fabrics. Our new collection is very exciting.


Flowers, animals, fruits, and cool shapes make a difference in this new collection that seeks to fill their life with imagination and style, so they can look cool while having fun.

Each garment has great layouts that fill your children's closet with the trendiest prints and textures.

A world full of style awaits your children with this new collection, where fun and color are the lead characters.

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