When our children are little, we dress them the way we want to. We always dream how would they look wearing the  children's clothes we pick for them! We also know that from time to time they crave on something that is usually related to their favorite characters. As time goes by, they grow up and their preferences change; family, school, and friends in some way influence on them as well.


Fears, insecurities and family situations influence our children’s self-esteem. We don’t believe it but it also influences their way of dressing. One of the ways to express what we are is  through our clothing. In this opportunity, I am going to talk about  children's clothes  and  how to build self esteem.


My two children are great examples on how to build self esteem: Emma and Tomas.

Children's Clothes and How to Build Self Esteem

Emma is a self-confident girl. She is very secure about her preferences and she doesn't doubt a second on what she is going to wear, she chooses her looks even  if they’re way too extrovert, she is happy and proud of what she’s wearing.

Tomas is a sensitive and very capable boy, but he is full of fears and insecurities.These feelings are reflected in the way he dresses. He is always asking for help, sometimes he doesn't know what to wear and prefers someone else puts out on his looks because he considers they will fit better than the ones he prefered. Sometimes he feels he can’t do it by himself.  

Emma is 6 years old and Tomas 9, he handled the whole parents’ divorce situation while Emma was only a year old and grew up knowing that her parents weren’t together.

Children's Clothes and How to Build Self Esteem

Something as simple as dressing can help us onhow to build self esteem of our children. We have to understand that all children can make different color decisions, garments, and styles. We should support as parents, motivate them to find and explore their being in every way.

Today brands understood that children express themselves differently, each one is a whole universe and every day they break the mold on what was previously considered as  children's clothes. OFFCORSS understoodand shows us  how to build self esteem in our children very well, offering a wide variety of colorful and in style garments that our kids will definitely love.

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