When we talk about cotton, we think of something soft and comfy, the closest thing to a hug from mommy. In order to preserve that feeling in our clothes, we have a great ally; COTTON and we want to share some benefits and reasons why is the best children's fabric for clothing.

Why is cotton the best children's fabric for clothing?

Sweet dreams: Research indicates that cotton-made sheets provide a greater sense of well-being at bedtime than other synthetic fibers, thanks to the fact that cotton, as a natural fiber, allows the skin to breathe while our little ones rest.

Greater use, less washing: One of the consequences of having a modern lifestyle is that we have less time each day. Cotton-made garments, last longer and require less washing as they are used, so cotton garments allow you to spend more time with your children, help the environment and your finances saving power, water and lots of money. Check these amazing cotton SHORT SLEEVES ONESIES 5 PACK for baby boys and LONG SLEEVE 2 PACK BODYSUIT for baby girls

No Matter the weather or what you do, use cotton

Cotton is a versatile fiber, perfect to come along with our kids while exploring the world and learning whether they’re at school or into any sports. We present this beautiful PANTS AND T SHIRT OUTFIT SET for toddler boy and SHORT AND T SHIRT SET for toddler girl so they can feel comfortable while having fun.

Bye, bye lint: Cotton prevents our clothing from filling with lint. When the fabric gets in contact with other surfaces, lint does not usually remain in the clothes, but if it does, we can get rid of it in a simple washing cycle. Besides, you won't see any lint in the clothing, since cotton is a fiber that prevents anything from sticking.

No stretch: Your children's clothing will remain the same way you had it since day 1, cotton is a durable fabric that only gets dirty superficially and the fibers remain intact through time. A perfect idea for the big ones of the house, check these cotton outfits POLO OUTFITS SHORTS PIQUE SHIRT for big boys and SLEEVELESS SPRING COOL SUMMER DRESSES for big girls.

Straight to the washing machine: Each garment made of cotton can be washed in a washer machine so you can enjoy more outdoor activities while the clothing is ready to be used again.

It feels and smells good: Cotton does not absorb odors produced by perspiration, It also allows the delicate skin of your little one to breathe, It also preserves the aroma of softeners or any other product you use to scent the clothes. Your boy or girl can carry a little bit of you every time he or she wears any cotton garment.

Check on our website https://us.offcorss.com/ someof the best children's fabric for clothing and if you are looking for outfits to celebrate a birthday party, you can’t miss our blog post: https://us.offcorss.com/blogs/news/planning-a-birthday-party-the-best-children-s-birthday-outfits

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