Diaper Bag Essentials

We know how much you are looking forward to see your baby for the first time. That's why we have some recomendations that you might find useful. Our first advice is to have your diaper bag ready at the end of the eighth month so you won't forget anything. Be prepared, the time to give birth is just around the corner.

Diaper Bag Essentials

The first clothes your newborn will need:

Baby hats to keep their little head warm. (2)

Bodysuits or long sleeve shirts. (3)

Full body pajamas. (3)

Pairs of socks. (2)

Jackets just in case the pajamas are too thin. (1)

Diaper Bag Essentials
Keep in mind that all the baby's clothes have to be made out of cotton. Here are some other things you need to be sure to pack:

Baby gloves


Baby cologne

Baby powder

Baby oils



Now that you got all the baby’s stuff covered, it’s time to know what our super mom needs!
Comfy pj’s. Preferably with a button down shirt to make breastfeeding easier.
Breastfeeding bras.
Comfortable and loose panties.
Nipple cover.
Postpartum sanitary napkins.
Your most comfortable pants. We recommend the ones you used during pregnancy.
Loose shirts for when it’s time to head back home.
Comfortable shoes. Feet tend to get swollen after giving birth.
• Your personal hygiene kit. Towel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, etc.

We hope you find these tips quite helpful when it’s time to get that first diaper bag ready and keep visiting our blog.



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