Today, our expert Carolina Guzmán will be talking about all the hospital bag essentials you need to have when you go into labor. Most of the first-time moms tend to overreact when it’s time to pack or get confused because they don’t know what they need to have in their bags. Here you will find a list of what you need and some pointers that you might find helpful.

Diaper Bag for The First Day

For your baby you will need:

Diapers for newborns to help you take care of the baby’s skin.

Diaper rash cream will help you heal or prevent any time your baby gets a rash in their genitals or little butt. Remember that you won’t need to apply a lot of cream.

Wet whipes work for everthing: removing any goop, cleaning your little baby or yourself and most important, they come in handy when it’s time to change their diapers.

Q-tips are quite helpful when you need to clean your baby’s belly button, which is a very delicate subject during the first days of their lives until it falls off. Dip them in some alcohol to improve the cleaning process. Make sure that area is completely dry after their baths.

Liquid soap is not recommended for everyday use, but you can use it for the first bath of your child as they come out of your belly a little bit dirty and they need some soap to get rid of the liquids and blood.

Hair brush. Some babies are born with a lot of hair. You can gently brush their hair.

Baby bottle is not one of the things you need to pack for the first day. Instead of a bottle, your baby needs to feel their mother. There’s nothing better that breastfeeding. Baby bottles always have to be your plan B. Moms need to be know how their bodies work. It is programmed to produce a large amount of milk as the baby starts pumping.

Cleaning cloths are indispensable in your diaper bag. Some babies throw up because they retain some liquids they need to get out of their system. These cloths are great for cleaning, help to get gases out and prevent that the baby gets dirty the person holding them.

Waterproof diaper changer is essential when it’s time to change the baby’s diapers. With this changer you protect your baby from getting cold and keep the changing area clean. 

Blankets are always important because our newborns get cold really fast. With the blankets, you will keep your baby warm while they get the calories needed to stabilize the temperature of the body.

A towel is needed for your baby’s first bath. It also work as a sun protection blanket.

You as a mom decide what brand you want your products to be for your diaper bag. We hope you have everything clear when the time to pack comes and keep visiting our blog. We have more information to help you get ready.



















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