The children's first 5 years are fundamental in their growth, not only because they receive the basic learning to face life: How to have healthy affective relationships, teamwork, and sharing with other children. All of that, because during that time their brain reaches the maximum developmental stage.




In addition to their memory exercises and playground time, their feeding is very important. That's why we'd like to share healthy food products for their mind to remain agile and fast:

Fish: It has fatty acids that strengthen the memory and their sense of sight, it's necessary when the learning process begins and to avoid difficulties in class.

Eggs: contain choline. It's a substance that protects the neuronal membranes and delays the aging process of the brain. With that substance, the children will be more active and attentive.

Vegetables: in addition to the nutritional contributions they can provide your children, the vegetables especially the green leafy vegetables like the spinach and the cabbage, increase the learning capacity in the children.

Milk, yogurt, and dairy products: they are great to keep the brain cells strong. The mighty chocolate! In the right portions, chocolate is a natural stimulant which makes children always attentive, focused and awake.

The key to properly feed your children is to see the eating time as a fun time, the time to share with the family and balance the portions. Finally, always check with the pediatrician for additional recommendations about food products and the age they should start eating them.

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