Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It’s the first dose of “fuel” that our body gets after having a well deserved night of sleep.

OFFCORSS has selected some healthy breakfast ideas for kids and for creative mothers because we know it's a fundamental meal for our children and because it gives them energy for all their activities and it improves their metabolism.

A balanced breakfast should contain: A portion of protein, carbohydrates (carbs), a dairy, or a dairy substitute recommended by the pediatrician if there is lactose intolerance and, of course, fruit.

Since people certainly eat with their eyes first, imagination is the limit when making a fun breakfast at home.

Here we have some healthy breakfast ideas for kids for you to prepare:


Fruit popsicles with yogurt and cereal: split a banana in half and make it a popsicle using a craft stick, then dip each pop into the yogurt mix and sprinkle our little one’s favorite cereal on top. This is one of our healthy breakfast ideas for kids and we're just getting started. 

Pancakes with fruit: Follow the recipe on the pancake box, or if you prefer oatmeal pancakes, you can chop some fruits and have your children decorate them. As a final magic touch, pour a little honey on top, they will love it.

Fruit smoothies: This is a quick and healthy option because it combines milk and fruit, if we add a toast or cookies, we can have a full breakfast in an instant. It will take just 3 min, blend our children's favorite fruit with milk or yogurt and you are good to go.


• Involve your children when making breakfast, so they can learn about different food groups and communicate their preferences.

• Having breakfast together during the weekend means that you will have a pleasant time to share without having to go to work or school.

• Giving fun shapes to food is easy, you can use cookie cutters, cupcake molds, or a potato peeler to make fruit curls.

The most important part of all this: Do not get things too complicated and enjoy these healthy breakfast ideas for kids to appreciate the special moments: Breakfast with special people: The family.

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