Helping Kids Overcome Fear

There are some aspects in our kids’ lives that need full attention. One of them is the fear they start to develop over different things throughout their young lives. Monsters under the bed, ghosts in the closet, vampires, and every other creature that your child might find scary are some issues you can help them deal with.

Moms and dads, this is an excellent opportunity of helping kids overcome fear. We must have one thing clear. Kids start developing their fears at a very early age. Around those kindergarten years, to be more precise. That is my case since my two children are going through those ages and their fears are more developed due to the great imagination they have.

That is why we should do something to prevent having those fears turned into phobias or anxiety that might become a problem with could avoid on time:

  1. It’s very important that we don’t make them feel bad about the fears they have. We can make sure to let them know that, in some cases, is normal to feel scared.
  2. Communicate with your kid and face the situation as a team. Together, you can explore those areas in which your kids think there might be something weird or unusual. Help them to see that it’s nothing more than the breeze or a street light making a reflection.
  3. The last thing you want to do is allowing the fear grows stronger. It’s important to help your kid and find out how big is the fear towards something.
  4. Games are our best allies in order to face any situation. If your child is afraid of the dark, you can play Marco Polo, or read a bedtime story together with dim light. That way, your kid will have more confidence knowing that even in the dark there’s also fun.
  5. Don’t be alarmed by the fears your kids have. With our unconditional help, they will get over any obstacle. Besides, we need to keep in mind that many of these situations are merely stages of their lives. We just have to stay alert and, if necessary, get the opinion of an expert.

What about you? Are there any methods you use for helping kids overcome fear? Share your tips, doubts, or suggestions on our social media @offcorss.

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