How to answer your children's challenging questions?

If there's something great about being a child, it's curiosity. But sometimes, for uncles, dads, and teachers a challenging question may surprise you.

The most common questions.

☆ How to react? keep yourself together, do not take the answer with an evasive attitude or laugh. Sometimes, laughter is the nerves taking, but for the child, it can mean a mockery.

☆ Where do babies come from? It is a very common question among children up to 6 years, even more, if they are going to have a little brother or sister. The key is to explain that the baby grows in the mom's belly, she gives all the care for 9 months. Do not use the stork story or that you guys bought it from the baby store.

☆ Why do I get sick? It's good to talk about this when they start in the kindergarten because the flu will be common. In addition, to clarify what is happening to them, they can reinforce positive habits such as washing teeth and hands, annual visits to the doctor and good nutrition.

Beyond the question, what really makes the difference is the way we communicate with the children, promote respect, speaking with kind words they understand and very naturally.

Each question is a challenge to learn together.

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