How to survive your childrens tantrums without dying in the attempt

August 13, 2018

Tantrums are behaviors that drive parents crazy and more so when we don’t know what to do.

That’s why we’d like to recommend you these tips that can work if your kids have bad temper especially if they haven’t learned how to be patient or how to ask for the things they want.

🌠 Identify the cause of the tantrum: Frustration, anger, he/she’s hungry, sleepy or if they are just trying to get some attention.

🌠 Change the scenario: It is going to be beneficial for you if you change the location where the tantrum started, it can be a safe place or where they can let all out, this technique is called “time-out”. By using this technique you can distract their attention until they’re calmed.

🌠 Choose between two options: When the tantrum is started for something he can’t get, it helps to have two options to choose, because the spectrum of possibilities is reduced so is their frustration, avoiding confrontation and a negative feedback from the children.

🌠 Stand your ground: It’s important to let them know that their tantrum won’t lead them to get everything they want and besides, parents are the ones taking control of the situation. Eventually, in most of the cases, they realize that this formula won’t do for them and they finally give up.

🌠 Patience and consistency: Do not give in to physical aggression, if that crosses your mind, give yourself a “time-out”, stay away for a bit, breathe and come back.

Our little ones need to know why they can’t get away with these attitudes. It’s necessary to reason with them and let them know what is expected of them.

The most important thing according to psychologists is to understand that this is a temporary stage and eventually, those tantrums are going to end.

Cheer up, There’s hope!

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