Summer vacations are still on and we are crazy about it! However, what can you do to make our little ones enjoy the funnest summer vacation? It's easy, check this out.

We’ve got some ideas to make these days unforgettable.

🌠 Cheer them up with a hobby: If the weather allows it, outdoor activities are ideal for children because they have fun and it’s really healthy. Swimming classes, skating or a walk with their pet in the park can be a super plan.

🌠 Cooking with the fam: The kitchen is a space where the family is together, you can get this moment to show your little ones new food or making their favorite cookies. But of course, taking into consideration all precautions.

🌠 Cultural Activities: Summer vacations are the perfect time to encourage your kids to all cultural manifestations, taking them to a children’s play or a music concert are great ideas. In most cities these shows are free.

🌠 Painting and Drawing: Create a homemade little art gallery where the kids show their art creations, you can even organize a family contest and award the children with a candy or a toy.

🌠 Camping: It’s a way to get in contact with nature and it’s not necessary to go deep into the woods to enjoy a night under the tent, your own backyard can be a fun spot to get your sleeping bag, camping stories and candies.

🌠 Tv Show Marathon: if it’s rainy outside, you can enjoy altogether pending chapters of your favorite tv shows.

🌠 Set up a homemade project: Summer vacations are the perfect moments to create and the family can be together to plan a long-term cool project. Build a garden, a little house for their pets or change the game room. The important thing here is that children are safe and all of them participate in these activities.

🌠 Go to the beach: The ocean is always a great destiny, swimming for hours, looking for seashells and running under the sun will be something unforgettable.

Which is the best plan? Sharing with the family!

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