For your boy, who is an adventurer, who loves games, fun, music and feel like a true ROCKSTAR,  we present these kid’s room decorating ideas for him! In this opportunity we are more than happy to guide you and give you some easy and simple recommendations so you can perform this task at its best.


Start getting rock & roll elements! 80’s vinyl discs!KID'S ROOM DECORATING IDEAS

This idea is fabulous because your little boy's room will have a super vintage touch! If the first thing you ask is: "How to get them?" We have a very simple answer: your grandparents, uncles or close friends have hundreds of these discs that were representative during the 80s; so take advantage of it and ask for them in a cordial way. If this idea is kind of  complicated, you can go to an antique store, you will definitely find them there. We invite you to continue reading to have more kid’s room decorating ideas.

Now, your second question is: "Where to put them? This is the best part, you can let yourself be carried away by your creativity, we give you the idea of sticking them on the walls and on the ceiling. They will look GREAT!!!

Guitars or rock bands posters on these kid’s room decorating ideas


Nothing more rock representative than a guitar. This element have become an rock and roll icon, and of course, in your child's room decoration, it’s a must have... Get a poster, if you don’t have a small toy guitar, it will definitely nail it.

Another suggestion on these kid’s room decorating ideasPaste or draw musical notes


C, D, F, G
... and all you want! Remember, the decoration theme should be very musical and the notes will provide that touch, especially if you stick them around the discs we previously mentioned, but if you want a standard size, musical note molds will sure do it for you, paint them in black and you could ask your kids for some help.

We love this awesome kid’s room decorating ideas, and we would like to know if you dare to do it for your favorite rocker's room...

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