Kitchen's delights you can make with your favorite ones

In the kitchen, we are able to create a lot of delicious recipes for the whole family. Why don’t we include our kids in these activities? That's right! They could be part of the process by helping around. Hence, we can spend some quality time together and enjoy family love.

In order to have fun with our kids, the recipe must be practical and easy to do. We shouldn't let them work with delicate utensils, such as knives, mixers, and the oven. It’s better to be safe than sorry. We need to keep tabs on our mini sous chefs at all times.

Chocolate chip cookies, muffins, mini pizzas or even mac & cheese are great recipes with simple ingredients that are very easy to find. Take note of this cool recipe to make delicious chocolate chip cookies with your children.

These are the ingredients:

• 1 egg.

• 4.5 Oz. of butter.

• 1 cup of sugar.

• 1½ cup of flour.

• 1 tsp of baking powder.

• A pinch of salt.

• 1 cup of chocolate chips.

• Star molds for the cookies.

We need the oven to get these fabulous cookies ready. So mom, keep a close eye on your kid. This will only take 20 minutes. Ready, set, let’s roll.

• Pre-heat the oven to 350°F.

• Mix the egg with the cup of sugar in the same bowl until they get a foamy and thick consistency.

• Melt the butter and add the mixture.

• Now, we add the flour, salt, and the chocolate chips. Remember to mix them very well.

• Pour the dough into the star molds.

• Before we put the cookies in the oven, we must wrap them in waxed paper.

• Leave them in the oven for 10 minutes.

• Once the cookies are ready, let them cool off for a while, and voilá!

Remember that at OFFCORSS we want to make children happier, we will give you the best tips so they can always have fun as a family.

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