Every day the environmental issue gains more strength in our lives and not because it is a fashion topic, but because we haven't developed good habits in favor of the environment.

For this, we must teach good environmental habits to our children, such as the care and saving of water, the most vital element we all need on the planet.

I feel that when children are old enough to start learning simple and easy ways to save water, you have be their first teacher and share what has worked for you with them.

🌠 Bath: In this area is where water is mostly wasted, so it is important to create care awareness and the more we can save the better, here are some examples:

• Bathe the children together, if you can, do not hesitate to do it.

• Close the faucet while soaping, to make it more hilarious and learn a bit more, we should tell them: "While the faucet is closed you can play with their bath toys".

• When we wash our teeth we use a glass to rinse so the tap is not left open.

• Clarify that when you wash your hands it is also important to close the tap to avoid the water waste.

🌠 Children's books: A story about the water awareness is also very helpful, so they can associate the things they do at home with the characters and the topic in the book.

🌠 Positive reinforcement: If your child performs a good attitude towards water conservation, do not hesitate to praise him, this will motivate his enthusiasm for water care.

The best thing is that all these actions can be made every day and it is not complicated or unusual for children; Include these activities into their daily routine. It's never too late to start with them!

Remember that the water care is a task for everyone and the family children will love it; so we must set an example and promote these good practices so we can create a better planet together.

Take care of the planet together, because our children will be the best guardians!


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