We all have heard of the benefits of having a dog or a cat running around the house. It’s great for the kids, as the pet helps them improve their motor skills and confidence towards all animals. For grown-ups, a pet is great to keep them company and make them feel secure and safe. For those with any physical or mental limitation, a pet will be there to guide and be a good company for them. But there’s something that sums up all those things, and that is the LOVE we can get to feel for them as they become an important part of our lives.

Mars and Venus are two little cats adopted in Medellin. They are together since birth, creating a bond so especial that if one of them gets sick, the other one stays next to it through the healing process. They ‘speak’ to each other, play and fight as brothers they are.

Throughout their lives with me, they have taught me that the best reward I could have received from adopting them is all the company, love, and the many ways they offer me the support I need just by rubbing their tail against my leg or staring at me.

Being responsible for their health, eating habits and comfort turns into something more important than buying something for the house. Making sure they don’t spend too much time by themselves and let them know I am there for them is reason enough for me to get home as soon as possible. Having a kitty cuddling with me under the blankets makes every moment priceless. However, we also get scratched furniture, shirts or pants with hair that are almost impossible to remove, bed full of hair, pillow full of hair, hair all over the floor and all imaginable places that makes our budget bigger and bigger as we constantly have to buy scotch tape to remove all the hair. But when we get passed that point, one thing is for sure: after living with a pet, in my case with kittens, love isn’t the same, as it only gets bigger and better.

PS: Please adopt a pet! It will be a nice gift for your kids, parents and yourselves.

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Venus and Mars.

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