Mom, Fall in love of yourself! 😍

October 18, 2018

In September, moms are thinking about the October's costume or Christmas gifts and when it comes to love, they think about how to surprise their partners with a romantic dinner to celebrate love and friendship, even if we are defeated by the sleepiness in the first cup of wine.


It is natural for moms putting many people before them in the list of priorities, but we have these recommendations so that you celebrate yourself in the month of love and friendship:

Remember who you are: beyond the fact that being a mom there are vegetables that you stopped buying because your children do not like them, or music that you stopped hearing, or books that you stopped reading, or friends that you stopped seeing, or plans that you postponed, that's why regardless the age of your children, this is a good month to take back those things that you liked and honor them.

Time and money for you: allow your child to put that toy on the wish list and buy the shoes you have been wearing in your dreams for months. Or tell your children to wait 10 minutes while you drink a cup of hot coffee... Because you deserve that extra time or that craving you wanted for months. This is the month of excuses and to indulge yourself.

Ask for help... and accept it: let your grandmother, friend or nanny to come to your house to give you a hand with the care of the children and you can give yourself that time for yourself or fulfill any of the activities you have left undone for yourself.

Make a list of dreams that could now seem crazy: start a specialization, learn how to cook, go to a yoga retreat ... or any of those dreams you postponed.

For a motherhood without guilt: if you apply any of the above recommendations, or have other ideas to celebrate this month, read carefully this last point: you are the perfect mom for your children and you take good care of them, so zero blame and fall in love of yourself.

We wish you a happy love and friendship month, trusting in your great love and your that you are your best friend in the entire world.

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