Mom, I'm not sleepy yet, I do not want to sleep. How many times have you heard that? This moment can be as difficult for children as it is for parents. If children have sleep problems, the problem will impact everyone in the home, the whole family, especially on mothers.

Growth hormones are produced during sleep and they are necessary for the children's growth, for the increase of muscle mass and to fight infections. If children do not get all the sleep hours that are set for their age, it can cause growth, physical and intellectual development problems.

Those nights when children resist sleeping can turn out in a tired-like morning and bad-tempered children. This could lead to poor school performance and an exhausted mother at home.

If children have problems when going to sleep, you should implement some of these tips (or all):

🌠 Going to bed should be a pleasant activity. Playing with complicity and showing love between mothers and children is necessary. Not punishment. Avoid nagging your children by intimidating them to go to sleep. Nor scare them with dark figures that can cause fear on them. Also, it is not a good idea to eat sweets before going to sleep, as they can produce sleeplessness.

🌠 During the day the child must exhaust all his energies, performing mental-challenging activities, games, and sports is perfect, of course, all of them according to their stage of development and age. One or two hours before bedtime is NOT the best time for these activities.

🌠 If possible, do not allow video games before sleeping, because they stimulate the mind and imagination. It is preferable that the child performs more relaxing activities, such as a bath, painting, reading a story, singing, according to the child's age. Several activities can be done for them to relax, and the activity that produces a successful result should be implemented as a nocturnal routine, a ritual before going to sleep, daily.

🌠 If you set a time to go to sleep, you should also set an hour to get up. Among the best allies of moms will be the routine, fixed hours and habits. When they start to apply them, they may not be very effective, but with perseverance, the expected results will be achieved.

There is a biological need for sleep but also learned behavior. Children learn by imitating. If you respect your own hours of sleep, they will too. The cozy atmosphere of the room, with dim light and comfortable temperature, is also important.

2 additional tips for mommy:

🌠 Do not underestimate naps. A short daily nap regulates the nighttime hours of sleep for children and even for mothers.

🌠 Have a sleep routine: brush your teeth, go to the bathroom and get your goodnight kiss.

By following these tips, the routine of sleeping children will be facilitated, in a short time, Always remember that it is a magical moment, full of love and tenderness. They will wait anxiously every night, that's for sure.

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