September 18, 2018

Having a pet is getting bigger among families, but to make this important decision many things must be taken into account. Having a living being in our house implies an act of responsibility. Who would not like to have a pet? We think we all love having a pet, right?

For the vast majority of people who live with a pet, it is the best choice they have made in their life, in addition, experts say there are many benefits within that decision and this huge step will bring a plus to our children's development.

For those who have doubts about having a pet at home, here are some of the most important benefits that these wonderful beings bring us:

🌠 Strengthen responsibility: Children will learn that they are not the only ones who need attention, but that another living being depends on their care, generating empathy, good habits, and strong values.

🌠 They increase self-esteem: Your kids will feel that they are capable of taking care of another living being and that their parents and their environment recognize this, and also increase their confidence.

🌠 Provide emotional well-being: It is proven that when we pet an animal our body secretes endorphins, reducing stress and anxiety. They are an inexhaustible source of affection and company.

🌠 Break the routine: Most children prefer to play with their pet before turning on the television, the computer or playing with a video game, giving them the coolest quality time.

🌠 They boost your kids' motor skills: They help the child to be better at running, they can jump and play with their pet also, forcing them to move and leave sedentary activities aside.

🌠 REMEMBER: Not all pets will fit your children and not all children and families are candidates for having a pet, so we trust that you will know how to make a very responsible decision.

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