June 11, 2018

The pool is a place to enjoy a fantastic time with your children, and with cool and unique activities, we can make it much more fun. That's why OFFCORSS want to introduce you to the world of pool activities for kids to assure the fun with them at the pool.

No matter the activity, sharing as a family helps the healthy development of our children. Come to play and have fun with the little ones with these pool activities for kids.

The colored sponges are very cheap and with them, you can do many pool activities for kids. Today we did two. Remember that you can cut them out and shape them the way you like the most.

You are going to have a great day of pool activities for kids!

Cut your colored sponges, tie them with a piece of wool or yarn, and you will have a star or flower of many colors; in the video, they will explain it to you much better.

Enjoy the best time of the year, holidays are coming!

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