Soccer stars made of stones

Adults, or at least most of them, don't pay attention to stones anymore, but for children, they can be part of a game full of fun and imagination.

Little boys are not the exception to this topic, because they love playing with stones and they love soccer.

Looking for activities to do in this world cup season? We've found this idea where we can show the joy of the World Cup to our little footballers. We would like to show you how to make soccer players with stones, the bodies and even the world cup ball.

It consists of:

1.- Collect many stones to make the players.

- Elongated: for the arms and legs.

- Square: for the body.

- Round: for the face.

1.- A rounded stone to make the ball.

2.- Start painting the uniforms with the colors of your favorite world cup team flag or if you want with the colors of your local soccer team.

3.- The round stone is painted as the official World Cup ball.

4.- When the paint on the stones dries, you can start playing to form a team and put the ball into the pitch.

The explorers, collectors and painters will be our children's job when making this game, because they will have hours of play and fun, improving their fine motor skills, imagination and curiosity for things that seem simple.

In addition to all of this, you get to spend time with the family celebrating and enjoying the world cup in a different way. Support your national team with this creative and fun activity.

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