June 14, 2018

There has always been a doubts around sports for girls and when they can practice them. Can my baby girl play sports at such an early age? In this wonderful world of being parents, all your doubts can grow and grow.

Don't worry! The #OCAcademy is in charge of breaking all the myths around sports for girls; This is a space designed for all 0-5 years old girls' parents. Practicing sports favors the physical, mental and social development of girls, and if we combine it with a balanced diet, we will be helping them to develop their motor skills.

The early practice of any sport is important for their growth and development. It also allows them developing skills such as motor coordination, agility, balance and spatial perception.

Doctors agree that physical activity at an early age encourages the growth process, as it stimulates muscle and bone tissue. Although sports for girls can favor its growth if it is practiced correctly, in the same way, it can harm them if we take it lightly.

For girls under 5 years old, it is necessary to encourage their psychomotor development, before undertaking the practice of a sport. They must previously acquire coordination and balance skills.

These are some ideal sports for your baby girl:

• Ballet.

• Dancing.

• Gymnastics.

• And skating.

*Remember checking with your pediatrician.

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