Bedtime is very important, your child should be relaxed and calm. Since we know that for all parents out there this "sleepy-time" could be something you will struggle, we recommend some ideas to make this moment easier.

The best option for you to choose regarding your child's bedtime is based on your experience and is your decision as well, of course. The most common ideas are to give him a warm bubble bath, put his/her pajamas on, read a bedtime story, pamper him or play something quiet, you must make sure you choose a strategy to calm him down instead of power him up and the activity must end in his room, like ALWAYS.

Your child should learn that his room is a pleasant place, if, by the time you're saying goodnight he/she is disturbed, you must indicate in a low pitch that you will soon return. It's probably that when you come back he/she is already asleep.

Some of the best ideas for bedtime are:

A small bath: giving him/her a warm bath helps to relax the muscles and generates a well-being feeling.

Tell a story: Create a funny story and telling it in a low pitch can be a fun time, but also it will be good to set a security mood and establish peace.

Sing a lullaby: Do it with slow movements, hold your child in your arms and sing a quiet song in a low pitch, it will relax him/her and will make him/her fall asleep easily.

Gentle caress her/him: Slow movements with your hand on your baby's face will relax the muscles and soothe them nicely.

Feed him/her early: the last meal of the day should be at least two hours before sleep.

Turn the lights off: Find a nice and no-lighted space for your little one to reconcile sleep easily and of course, it must be refreshing enough for him to be comfortable.

We hope these ideas help you when your baby is sleeping.


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