The importance of teaching how to recycle to your kids

Including our children in the household work is very important as they begin to create habits that will last a lifetime, taking care of the environment should be a constant practice, that's why we would like to teach you several ways to do it.

Recycling is an effective way to educate them to face current problems with climate change, as parents we must begin to put some effort to have a better future for our children. First, we must teach them that there is a suitable place for each waste, organic waste, inorganic waste, and hazardous waste and voila, it will be super easy to start recycling.

Paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, textiles can be recovered and we can create fun crafts for sharing as a family, such as:

• Reuse boxes to turn them into organizers and teach your children to keep their room in order, you can paint them and decorate them with different materials and make it super fun.

• Toys can be created with these recyclable materials such as houses, castles, carts ... it's just a matter of creativity and desire to share with your child.

• The rolls of toilet paper that are discarded can also be used to make dolls.

• You can also make fun crafts with plastic, you just have to cut it out and make super cool shapes.

What are you waiting to create cool recycled crafts? Remember that with OFFCORSS you will always have multiple options, ideas full of creativity and of course the chance of raising awareness about the environment care.

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