I don’t know if this happens to you guys, but right after Halloween, it looks like if we take off our costumes and immediately start getting those familiar smells like the granny’s fruit cake and freshly baked cookies. All those Christmas lights will show everywhere by magic. In fact, by the end of October I can feel that we are in a special MOOD, warmer, dancy, craving for eating and sharing good moments with our close ones.

November has really turned in the perfect and necessary extension of Christmas, all that for the joy, thankfulness, family, and friends that don’t fit in just one month. No matter how much we want to squeeze the calendar, it’s not enough (besides everything you have to set up for those days, those Christmas days get mixed with the kid’s vacations: Details, food, games…).

This year, Alex told me something about Christmas that reminded me what I felt when I was young during this holiday: “Hey mom! It seems that we have to wait a lot to get Christmas here again, it’s too far away, it should be something like it in June, don’t you think?” It was obvious that I thought it was the greatest idea ever.

If only somebody could listen! When I was a child thinking about Christmas getting to an end and that you have to wait a whole year again was like asking to my mind that if it could stretch the time a bit longer, it was what I called “The eternity” (Alex told me then, “I can realize that it’s a similar feeling among children, it doesn’t matter what generation we belong)”. Waiting for 365 days to smell the scent of freshly baked Christmas cookies (and laughing about dad fighting with the oven), kneading the cookie dough and eating fruit bread (preferably the granny’s one), dancing (the variest collection of rhythms to please everyone), covering baby Jesus, singing Christmas carols (Aunt Nan does it like a pro), share presents, visiting and receiving relatives for 15 days, (No early sleepy time, going to bed at 8:30 or 9:00pm? No way! A decent Christmas sleep time is at 10:30 pm to say the least. It’s an illusion that never gets old.

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