September 25, 2018

We all have thought about our kid’s first day in kindergarten, it’s really hard for both parents and children because the emotional detachment is a process that takes time and patience.

Today it was Sophie’s first day, she’s 22 months old and it was inevitable crying, it’s a feeling that all mothers experience; I had the chance to be with my husband and he was really anxious about seeing her all dressed up with her kindergarten’s uniform, we made like a ritual with her in the morning in order to make her feel calmed and happy, we share the morning by her side and told her that she was going to go to her first day in kindergarten, that she was going to share with boys and girls, that it will be a moment of joy, that she will learn about animals, colors and numbers, we even created a song and she could see the excitement on our faces, we woke up really early to avoid being rush or anything and be able to take our time having breakfast together and experience that beautiful moment.

We arrived in the kindergarten which we all knew. We took polo, swimming and gymnast classes together. We get to the place, I was shocked by her reaction, even her teachers and her father were surprised about that! Sophie took his little backpack and literally ran through the door and came in without saying goodbye! Can you believe it? I’m not quite sure what part of that process is sadder, the fact that they decide to run inside the classroom without saying a simple “bye” or clinging to your legs and don’t let go.

We were craving for a goodbye kiss or a hug so the teachers let us walk in to the classroom and there we said goodbye, when I saw her and realized she was happy, I felt better but the moment I got in the car, I burst into tears, luckily, I was counting on my husband’s support, now I feel anxious to pick her up and the hours the hours fly by really slow.

We would like to share some tips with you about that amazing day.

Take some notes!

🌠 THE PREVIOUS TALK: It’s good to tell them in advance that they will start the kindergarten and that they will learn new stuff and share with new friends/Teachers. It’s amazing, they get everything at that age, even if you notice “an attitude” you have to tell them.

🌠 CHOOSE THE RIGHT KINDERGARTEN: We know that choosing a kindergarten is kind of hard for several factors, we always look for recommended ones first because we are leaving our children with total strangers and that causes a bit of fear, we demand the academic level they offer, it’s better if they offer an outdoor playground so they can enjoy nature, we recommend one that is near to your place or work, they are still little and it’s better having them close, pick one that has leisure activities.

🌠 TAKE THEM TO THE KINDERGARTEN BEFORE: You can ask to visit the kindergarten before to get familiar with the facilities, to make them see that this is a place to share and play with others kids, tell them that the place is going to be their new place of learning and introduce them to their teachers for them to be calmed and familiarized with their first day.

🌠 ENCOURAGE THE DETACHMENT: Days before their first experience with the kindergarten, you can take them to their grandparents and leave them for a few hours, you must teach them that there are times where you can’t be by their side.

🌠 CREATE A PEACEFUL MOMENT: The big day, you should wake up earlier to leave extra time and avoid last minute delays, wake them up smoothly and with patience, this will avoid rushing things up for them and create a bad response to waking up in the morning. Take a bath with them telling that the day is going to be awesome, have breakfast with them but be aware that all moments before THE MOMENT are special and joyful. Also, remember to ask for a few hours off at work so you can be with them and walk them over.

We hope these tips will help you with that much-feared first day and turn it into the most beautiful experience that will be remembered.


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