Hi! The past October 31st we celebrated the 2nd birthday of our little Sophie. Everything went just perfect, but not all it’s as easy as it seems to be. Behind your kids birthday party preparation, there are parents going crazy with all the preparation. Since we started to think only about guests, anxiety became our worst enemy.


Today, I bring some advice so the day you’ll star with your little kids birthday party preparation, you don’t miss a thing. Follow these TIPS!

Date. In my case, I had to postpone it 3 times. Yes! 3 times due to my husband’s work. In the world of soccer, we never have a tentative date, but I recommend you to have a plan A and B. That means date A and date B.

Guests. We always dream of having lots of kids having fun at our kids birthday party, but we never count on the number of kids per family and friends. Most of the times, it ends up being an adult’s meeting. But do not worry so much about this and make sure all the children are having fun at the party since all the adults we’ll be just fine by listening to music and some snacks.

Invitations. I know that there are some wonderful invitations with beautiful ideas, but personally, I think they are off the table. Nowadays everything is more practical; you can design your own digital invitations and send them through WhatsApp to all family and friends. You’ll save money and time. If you have relatives who do not use smartphones, you can make a call and invite them.

Attendance Confirmation. It’s a priority not only to know the quantity of food you’re going to offer but also to know how many spots at the parking lot you’re going to need, the number of kids so you can buy the surprises. If you are going to make a raffle, you must know the number of people as well. I recommend you to call the guests one week before the party or text to confirm the attendance. If you have to do it more than once, do not worry, they’ll understand.

Decoration and Cake. A year ago, I wanted to do it all myself. I looked for ideas on the internet, went to places to see if I could find everything at good prices and with the help of my husband we got down to it. We ran like crazy, it was exhausting but satisfying. For this birthday, we wanted to leave everything on someone else’s hand. A decorator, some cake companies, the reminders, and the gym for kids. In all of them, it was important to let them clear about the colors so they could be in perfect tuning. If you decide to do all the decoration yourself, I recommend you to organize your time with many days of anticipation, so you can start working on every detail looking for ideas through the internet. Believe me! Everything is there! If you’re going to hire a decorator, don’t hesitate to go around and try to find the best deal, and when you pick one of them, let them know every detail without leaving anything behind.

Surprises.Surprise for the little ones. It is something that cannot be left out. At the moment you make the list of guests, you must verify the age of each child that is coming to our kids birthday party so you can choose the perfect surprise for the right age.

Outfit. On this important day, our little kids must look fantastic with a great outfit, but we also have to think about their comfort since they’ll be playing the whole time. I really recommend you to have at least two outfits for the occasion because they will for sure get their clothes dirty, and you won’t want them to look like that on photos. You can also do the “Mix & Match” and combine you kid and husband’s outfits. Try it, it’s amazing!

Recreation. Well, what would be a kids’ party without someone who can recreate and be in charge of games so the little ones can have a wonderful time? You can hire magicians, storytellers, musicians for kids, and a gym for kids. On Sophie’s birthday, the kids had a great time and played for hours.

Food. This looks like an important fact since it depends on you to make a nice lunch, or to simply choose an hour for delicious snacks. That way your kids birthday party won’t cost as much as you think. Do not forget about water or natural juice since all our main guests are children and we don't want to give them so much soda. You can make fruit kebabs, they’ll love it.

I hope these tips will be of so much help for you. Remember that the most important thing is that everyone can enjoy and have a wonderful time, do not let stress be over you. Make sure you have some people with all. Congratulations to all of those birthday kids.

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