Tips: Pet care at home

Nowadays, we’ve been able to see how pets play a more important role inside their master's homes, and that rate has grown noticeably for years. This is why many companies have made an important decision: Return their Pet-Friendly brands.

We and our beloved pets: Bonnie and Markov, have been able to benefit from these changes, they are way more evident and important every day. It’s just because for us they are not simple pets, they are part of our family.

For us they are the most important thing we have, that is why we love taking care of them, be always aware of their needs and be sure that they are in the best possible conditions.

Tips: Pet care at home

We’d like to share a list of things that for us are the pet care essential. All of that to have an excellent and peaceful coexistence with our pets and of course, that will allow us to enjoy our animals exactly the way we want it.

TRAINING: It is clear that it’s not necessary or indispensable that our pets know how to do all the tricks, but it is very important that they know how to behave inside and outside the house, that’s why it’s necessary to teach them basic things like: Doing their needs in a suitable place or at a specific time of the day, to coexist with other pets and people in order to avoid unfortunate moments, eat at certain times, reduce anxiety and learn to give them their place inside the house.

For us, the training is one of our top priorities when having a pet. In order for this to happen, we must have time to create a routine, patience to be able to repeat the rights and the wrongs as many times as necessary. We do not believe in physical punishment because sometimes we can play to be the villain or turn fearful of our pets.

Tips: Pet care at home

FOOD: Good nutrition is something that we must do right by receiving the proper assessment from a trusted veterinarian, because depending on the food we use to feed them, they will develop a good immune system, a better fur, digestion and then the bad odors will be reduced.

VETERINARY: your pets must have ALL the required vaccines, this will prevent them from getting multiple diseases, they will be protected and they will be able to socialize with other pets and people in a better way.

SPOILS: We all have fallen for the puppies tempting looks, but it is very important to know when it’s time for a YES or when we should say NO. We must touch our pets with tenderness and affection, because this is a reference for them to feel that you are the leader, or that they’ve done something good; You can use this to your advantage, but if you do not know how to measure your affection, you can turn this strategy against you.

Everything we’ve shared is essential so that our pets can enjoy a healthy coexistence at home, stores, restaurants and shopping centers. We hope you've read carefully and the rest is JUST HAVE FUN AND LOVE YOUR PETS.

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