What kind of mother are we?

Many of us are always inquiring about this matter, all of that because we question our duty and our role in parenting our children.

Currently, with the life pace we are living, our children tend to think that they have more rights and fewer duties and that’s why we must to be assertive with our behavior and try to find a balance during the parenting process.

In order to visualize ourselves, we would like to show you some examples that the experts describe as “types of mothers”:

Authoritarian: Children do what they are told and no more.

Permissive: The child demands everything and the rest do what he wants, we don’t want them to suffer and they are the lead characters in the house.

Overprotective: Everything is set up to keep them away from struggling with their house chores or school homework.

Control Freaks: They want to know everything about their kids, they don’t allow them to develop their personality for their own.

Balanced Moms: A combination of all of the above.

This last example would be ideal, to have a little of all and firmly and lovely raising our children as confident children, with personality and independence.

I know it is difficult and it’s, even more, when the children are completely different in their personalities, then is when your job as a mother is to find what to be for each one of them.

But calm down ladies. Yes! it’s possible, with patience and understanding. Hey! Remember, less is more and life is better that way. Let's not worry so much about material things, let's worry more about feeding the soul and the spirit.

I hope you identify with some of these examples and remember that what we have the most is what makes us supermoms: LOVE.

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