If you don’t have a clue about what to do with your kids during summer vacations and you’re lacking imagination, don’t you worry about a thing! OFFCORSS is going to give you some super ideas, easy and cool ones and the most important part is that your kids are going to love them.

How it works:

Gather some cool moms like you and set up an agenda. Time and meeting date with the kids is crucial. It can be done at anybody’s house or public landmarks, that’s the way you assure the fun.

Activities you can do:

🌠 A funny recipe: It could be brownies, cookies, Marzipan o whatever they like the most. The key here is that they experiment with different textures, flavors and they see their effort awarded with yummy food.

🌠 Costumes day: They can play out their favorite character, you can set up a role play game and stimulate their imagination while you get the stage and the audience ready. In the end, everything is a big costume party.

🌠 Home movies: You can set up a space full of pillows, bed mats, and carpets, you can play the movies the children pick and the rest is pure fun with some popcorn. To enhance their movie comprehension you can set up a round of questions to make sure they get the main idea and they learn.

🌠 Visit the Zoo: A very funny visit to watch all the animals, change the view and enjoy with all her friends. Depending on the age of the kids the number of parents to accompany them. These good outings help your kids to know how to behave in public places and respect the rules of the place.

🌠 Splash at the pool: If you live in a warm city or by the ocean you have this possibility to enjoy the water, what can be funnier than that? Kids love it and if they are with friends, even more. You can get some lifesavers, balls and water spraying devices so you can have hours of fun. If you don’t have a pool, you can set up an inflatable pool on the balcony, backyard or somewhere safe. You can find the right place so they can enjoy.

These are just some cool ideas to do with your kids during summer vacations. If you can’t do one of them, you can do some others like painting, picnic time, play soccer, go to the movies, etc.

How successful these activities are going to be is totally up to you! The whole point is to have fun, develop creativity and sharing with friends. So get to it and call some moms and friends.

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