April 02, 2018

OFFCORSS celebrates World Water Day because it’s very important to us that we all take care and value this valuable resource. After all, it allows us to do all our daily activities. Right?

That's why we’d like to share these tips for you to put into practice at home:

Sing in the shower, but not for 3 hours!

We know that you have fun creating your own stage under the shower, or singing, but it’s better to take a good yet short shower. Closed the shower handle while applying soap and shampoo. Please!

World water day

Brush your teeth but close the faucets while at it

Did you know that during brushing if the faucets are left open, 12 liters of water per minute are wasted? So, we recommend using a glass when rinsing.

More buckets, less hoses

When your kids want to wash their toys or help watering the plants, it’s better for them to do it by filling buckets. In fact, you can recycle the water that comes out of the shower while it is heated and then use it for these tasks.

World water day

Water is sacred, don’t play with it.

Many toys need water to work, but instead of using water directly from the tap; you can take use the water excess from the dishwasher (properly boiled and filtered) to fill the toys or balloons and let the fun begin.

Lead by example is the most important part.

We learn what we see, so it is very important that good actions to save water start with Mom and Dad.

Water is a very valuable element for our daily life, we feed from it and have fun with it. By following these simple tips, we can enjoy it for much longer. OFFCORSS say yes to the care of the planet.

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