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After your order is confirmed you'll have a shopping priority during 3 or 4 business days.
At this point you'll have 7 business days to decide whether you like the product or not.
If you decide to keep it, your credit card will be charged and the bill and purchase receipt will be sent to you via email.
If you decide not to keep it, fill out the form and return the product to the carrier company.
When you finish your purchase, the payment will be keep in HOLD by the bank, because of its security policy, this will happen until customer service contacts you and you make the final decision. Only after you inform us that you want to keep the product, we will then make the payment effective.

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Buy now and pay later. Now you can have more time to decide if you want to have your product OFFCORSS or not. You just have to enter the page, select the product you want to buy, and then when you are going to pay, you must select the option “pay later”, so that this activity becomes effective. Valid activity from may 25th to December 31th 2018. Valid only for purchases made in the page of the United States. After the actual delivery of the products is made, the customer will have 2-3 days to decide whether he wants the products, because after 2-3 days, customer service will contact to know if you leave or not the order and it will be charged immediately. Valid payment method, only credit card. In case the client does not want the product, he must return it within 7 days of the purchase. If you want to return the product, it must be new and in perfect conditions. If the client does not fulfill any of the above policies at the time of making the return, the cost of the product will be charged to the credit card. It is important that the customer at the time of making the purchase select the option "pay later", because if not doing so, the activity will not take place. If the client wants to keep the product, he should only wait until the indicated time has pass because the credit card will be charged immediately. However, if the client wants to return the product, he must follow the return steps, which you will find in In case of having any problem with the activity, you can communicate to the line +18446332260.

Important information to take into account: When you finish your purchase, the payment will be keep in HOLD by the bank, because of its security policy, this will happen until the customer service contacts you and you make the final decision, to keep the product or not. Only after you inform us that you want to keep the product, we will then make the payment effective, but it will only be about the products that you choose to keep, the ones that you don’t want, will not be charged. In this way, the Bank will remove the HOLD payment, and will only make effective the payment of the approve products by the customer.


"Pay later" is a new way of shopping that OFFCORSS offers to their clients. We are 100% sure that you will love our products and quality, so now we give you the chance of making the final decision at home. The Deal works as follows: The estimated time for the delivery of your product to your door could take approximately X days from the moment the order is place. After satisfactorily receiving the product, you will have x days to decide if whether you want to buy the item or not. A representative from our customer service department will be contacting you within the first 48 hours to find out if you would like to buy the product or not. In case you want to buy the product, your credit card will be charge according to the value of the purchase. In case you want to return the order, please follow the next steps:

1- Let our customer service agent know that you are returning the product.

2- Use the shipping label that comes with the product to get the information in order to send it back to our warehouse. No charges will be made.

Note: Please keep in mind that you have X days to return the product unused and without any damage. Also, if the product is not returned by the specified deadline, charges will be applied to the registered credit card.

Steps for placing your order.

1-First, be sure you select the right size and color of your preference.

2- Click the button at the bottom right part of the screen labelled “pay later”.

3 –A black pop-up window will come up. Select the number of articles you would like to purchase by clicking the (+) button if you want to add more articles to the shopping cart, or the (-) button if you want to decrease the number of items in your shopping cart.

4- Go to the button “go to cart”.

5- In the box “Order notes”, located on the right side of the screen, write “pay later”. (Check the box that says “pay later”)

6- Check the box “I agree with the terms and conditions”.

7-Click the blue button “check out” located at the bottom of the screen.

8-Finally, fill out your contact information and select your shipping preferences.

9- Fill out your credit card information. (Keep in mind that the product will not be charged until X days after the delivery is made, and the return policy depends exclusively on the terms and conditions agreed before in this section)

Any question you would like to ask about the Service Conditions can be sent to us through our email

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